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Sound of Mull - West Highlands - Scotland

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Welcome to drimnin.com….    

This site is designed to provide
you with information on Where, How &
When to watch the Whales, Dolphins, and
Porpoises that are to be found in the coastal waters
of the Sound of Mull located in the beautiful West Highlands
of Scotland. The aim is to expand the site with content from you
the users, to be a useful addition to the world wide understanding
of how they live.

Visit our Whale & Dolphin pages to see pictures of them in their natural
habitat. Listen while you watch!. We also have included some sound clips of
these magnificent creatures feeding and inter-acting for your enjoyment. Build
your own hydrophone or purchase a Lo-Cost hydrophone.

Check out the Accommodation & other links giving you access to a wide range of
further information, including maps, weather, diving, whale & dolphin watching trips,
plus lots more.

We want you to enjoy your visit to this site and have provided a contacts page where you can email us with any questions you may have on the topics covered. Please feel free to us know how we can improve the site and meet your requirements in the future, and don’t forget to send us your photos and stories for inclusion in future updates.


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